Municipal ditches

Every year, the Municipality conduct operations of digging and cleaning municipal ditches. A poorly draining path is not resistant to vehicle traffic and its lifespan is reduced.
The function of municipal ditches is to drain. To drain well a road, a ditch shall have a minimum depth of one meter.

Wherever possible, we use the method of ditch digging "lower 1/3". This method aims to conserve the maximum possible vegetation to prevent erosion of slopes and transport of sediment to streams. It is not always applicable, which forces us to dig conventionally.



Culverts giving access to the properties are normally located on municipal land. They are an authorization that the Municipality gives owners to access their property. However, the culverts are the responsibility of the owners and not the municipality, both for maintenance (regulation 188) and any discharge caused by a blockage caused by this culvert.

When ditching, when the profile of the latter is to be lowered, the Municipality removes culverts and replace them, and at no cost to owners (except for the paving, paving stones, etc. put on this culvert). However, if the conduct is in poor condition and needs to be changed, the cost is at the owner's expense.

Notice to residents

Before digging a ditch in your area, our policy is to notify in advance the owners of the affected paths.

Public Works and Infrastructure Department

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