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Services to the residents



Please contact Public Works department at 819 827-1160 or by email for any request concerning: ​​​​

  • municipal construction works
  • potholes
  • installation/modification of signs
  • snow removal
  • trimming
  • hazardous trees
  • dog license
  • dead animals on the road
  • Recycling bins request
  • defective road lighting

For any request for municipal intervention (location of municiapl infrastructures), please communicate by email with Marc-Antoine Biron, public works coordinator.


As the Public Works team is digging ditches in the Hollow Glen area during the month of June, the municipality is taking this opportunity to invite the citizens of the area to apply for fill materials. To do so, citizens wishing to obtain fill material must complete the form provided and send it to the Public Works Department by e-mail at


The Public Works Department is pleased to offer residents of Chelsea fill at no cost.

To make a request, you must complete the form below and send it to us by email.


Since the entry into force of section 70 of the Municipal Powers Act, a local municipality may maintain a private road open to the public by permission of the owner or occupant, on a request by a majority of owners or occupants of the abutting property.

For more information, please consult the « Politique d'entretien des chemins privés.» (French only). 

To make a request, please complete the form below and send it to us.

Public Works and Infrastructure Department