Beginning of the work of the removal of rails and ties of the railway corridor

Dear resident,

This note is to inform you that the work of the removal of rails and ties of the railway corridor will start soon.

Note that PNR Railworks, the company removing the rails and ties, will only use public roads to access the railway corridor, and will work between 7 am and 5 pm.

Some residents have expressed a concern that the work is proceeding before the environmental studies are complete. The Municipality wants to reassure residents that the preliminary results of the environmental study, Phase 2, have already been submitted to municipal engineers for review. PNR is also working closely with the environmental consultants to ensure that the findings are used to guide, and safely complete, the removal of rails and ties. 

Municipal staff has briefed Council on the findings of the environmental study and, while the report does identify three areas that require further analysis, they have confirmed that proceeding with the work in these areas does not present a risk to the environment or to residents living along the railway corridor.

Visit the municipal website regularly for the latest news about the progress of the work on the railway corridor.

Click here to download the work schedule and a description of the equipment used