Chelsea demands nursing services at the CLSC

Chelsea residents are asking the agency responsible for funding health services in the Outaouais (CISSSO) to restore the nurse position at the CLSC in Chelsea, a position that was abolished in 2013.

The results of a citizen consultation show that since January 2016, 130 individuals received nursing services 677 times at a CLSC in Masham, in Cantley, in Val-des-Monts or at the weekend clinic at the Wakefield Memorial Hospital. The results represent actual documented cases from a 20% sample of Chelsea’s population.

«Chelsea residents have spoken, the demand for nursing services in Chelsea is great and the CISSO must restore the nurse position immediately. It is unusual that Chelsea is the only CLSC in the Outaouais to not have its own nurse to meet the medical needs of its residents», stated Mrs. Green.

More than 630 families responded to a questionnaire on health services. They represent 1 534 residents or 20% of Chelsea’s population. Of those, 130 individuals were forced to receive services from a nurse in a CLSC from January 2016 to this day.

These visits were made either for a bandage change after surgery, an infection, an injection, post chemotherapy, post-surgery or post-natal treatments, vaccination for a child, a burn, a cut or ear cleaning.

« It is the number of times required for a treatment that stands out. Residents had to travel 677 times during the period to consult a nurse: 417 times to Masham, 74 to the weekend clinic at the Hospital, 58 times to Cantley, 20 times to Val-des-Monts and 108 to Gatineau » added the Mayor. The average number of times to clear the health problem at the CLSC was 5,4 times.

Working Group on Health Services

In March 2018, Chelsea council established a Working Group on Health Services in order to determine the health needs of its residents and to focus on services required now, and in the future, to properly respond to a growing young and aging population.

Data gleaned from the questionnaire on access to CLSC services outside Chelsea are available by clicking here in the form of graphics (French only).