Here are some helpful fire prevention tips from your Fire Department:

When cleaning your property, don’t forget to check our open-air burning Bylaw Nº 16-RM-05 before burning.  Several incidents are reported each year due to unsafe, inappropriate burning or because of resident complaints. 

Is your wood burning system in good condition?  Has your chimney been swept?  Small animals are also preparing for the cold season. You may have intruders wanting to spend the winter in a warm environment!  Cleaning and maintenance of your chimney is important!

Have you had the annual maintenance done on your propane, oil furnace, natural gas or wood heating equipment this year?

Check your smoke alarms, try them!  It is recommended to change the batteries twice a year: when we change time in the spring and fall season.

Do you have a CO (carbon monoxide) detector?  Do you use any combustible materials such as wood stove, fireplace, oil furnace, propane or natural gas? A CO detector could save you and your family! 

Is your evacuation plan ready?  Prepare your family, practice! Make sure that all family members know what to do in case of fire/emergency.  Remember: once you’re out, never go back! Always wait for help!