Road works

Road works to come in 2018

Installation of a safety net between the baseball field and the multifonctional trail June 2018
Various drainage and canalization works June / October 2018
Works on the railway bridge of the community trail June 11 to June 18 2018
Relocation of the playground and preparation works for new structures at Hollow Glen park July 2018
Re-graveling works on chemin Blackburn, Boisé and Larrimac July / August 2018
Crack sealant on various roads August 2018
Landslide stabilization of chemin de la Rivière August / September 2018
Reconstruction of chemin Notch and construction of a bicycle lane September / October 2018
Installation of 16 new street lights Fall 2018
Canalization of chemin Cecil Fall 2018
Decontamination works on the community trail Fall 2018
Stabilization works for chemin de la Vallée and chemin Welka sectors Winter 2018/2018

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  • For emergencies outside office hours, dial 819-827-9911.