Please note that bulky metal collection will be completed tomorrow, Saturday, January 27, due to an equipment problem.   

Please note that cutting down trees is not allowed within the setback margins mentioned in the zoning by-law, particularly, but not limited to, property setback margins, the 15-metre shoreline protection zone and the 30-metre wetland protection zone.

For more details, please refer to sections 4.6, 4.12 and 4.15 of

Zoning by-law

The cutting of diseased, dangerous or dead trees does not require a permit. However, it is strongly recommended to contact us if you have any doubts about the condition of a tree.

We recommend that you take a picture before cutting a tree or check with the Municipality.

For details, consult our permits and certificates page

Chelsea's tree cutting and greening goals are :

  • preserving Chelsea’s rural character
  • preserving Chelsea’s existing style
  • participating in greenhouse gas protection
  • maintaining biodiversity
  • maintaining air quality
  • protecting terrestrial and aquatic wildlife habitats
  • maintaining water quality and
  • maintaining soil quality.


Planning and Sustainable Development Department