Triennial Capital Expenses Program

As provided for in the Municipal Code, Council must adopt, each year, a  triennal capital expenses program for the following three years.  It represents Municipal Council's intentions for capital investments and provides a global vision of projects in order to better anticipate financial needs.  Depending on the prices obtained during the call for tenders process, some projects may be subject to change.

This program has to be divided into annual phases. It must detail, for the period coinciding with it, the purpose, amount and method of financing the capital expenditures that the municipality plans to make and whose financing period exceeds 12 months.

Adoption of the 2023-2025 PTI

Municipal Council adopted its three-year capital expenditure plan (PTI) for 2023 to 2025 at a extraordinary meeting held on November 1st. The PTI includes investments of $54M allocated over three years as follows:

  • 2023: $25M
  • 2024: $7.5M
  • 2025: $21M



Details of PTI projects for the year 2023

$30K investment to start the initiative

Development of a community access to the river: $30K

  • In 2023, $30K is currently set aside for plans and specifications and an environmental study. An additional $60K is planned by 2025 to complete this project.

Investments of $9.2M to continually improve the safety of our roads

Rehabilitation of Chemin de la Rivière : $7,5M

  • Work on Chemin de la Rivière began in 2021. This amount includes the expenses necessary to complete the project.

Chemin du Lac-Meech : $850K

  • This amount includes professional services and utility relocation.  The complete rehabilitation of the road is planned to be achieved by 2025 for a total estimated amount of $4.3M.

Other work and equipment: $1.4M

  • This includes stabilization work and culvert replacements at various locations on the territory as well as the purchase of equipment necessary for road maintenance.

$25K to reduce speed on our roads

Purchase of speed moderation elements: $25K

  • An additional $50K is planned by 2025. This includes the purchase of speed displays and pedestrian crossing lights.

An investment of $586K to continue the project

Various work on the Voie Verte Chelsea: $586K

  • This includes the development of the intersection with Route 105, signage, the addition of bollards and chicanes, and culvert replacement work. An additional $910K is also included in the PTI by 2025 for stabilization work and the interpretative site.


An investment of $460K to promote physical activity and enjoy our environment

Redevelopment of the service chalet at Farm Point Park: $50K

  • By 2025, other work is planned for Farm Point Park such as the addition of playground equipment, the renovation of the community center and the redevelopment of the parking lot for an additional estimated total of $328K.

Construction of a skatepark and a pumptrack : $40K

  • This amount is for professional services. This project follows a focus group with local teens conducted in 2021. Public consultation will follow to confirm the final structures. The addition of a teen gathering structure is also planned by 2025.

Development of a trail in the center-village, west of Highway 5: $280K

$14.7M commitment to ensure adequate water treatment

Sludge treatment system upgrade: $4.4M

  • This work is mandatory as soon as 50% of the treatment plant's capacity is reached, in order to revisit the sludge treatment method.

Expansion of the water and wastewater plant : $1.6M

  • This amount is for the development of plans and specifications. By 2025, an additional $8.7M is required to finalize the project. The expansion is necessary to allow for the future construction of services such as a daycare, school, clinic, etc. It will also allow for the septic tank emptying program to no longer be outsourced.

A significant investment of $6.6M to meet the needs of the community

Purchase of Carrière Déry land : $6,3M

  • Municipal Council voted to sign a promise to purchase three lots. However, the project is conditional on approval from the ministère des Affaires municipales et de l’Habitation and the completion of an environmental and potentially geotechnical study.

New Chelsea development (Route 105 area north of Chemin d’Old Chelsea): $300K

  • This amount includes professional services. An additional $3.5M is anticipated by 2025 to complete the project. This includes ditch channelization, sidewalks, crosswalks, bike lanes and street furniture.

$1.6M investment to be ready

  • Replacement of fire trucks : $1M
  • Purchase of an emergency generator at City Hall and various equipment: $565K


Click on the image to consult the complete 2023-2025 PTI (French only)


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